• Yoga Mat-TPE - GW-YG-001
  • Yoga Mat-TPE - GW-YG-001

Yoga Mat-TPE - GW-YG-001

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Taiwan, China

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500 pc

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Product Description

Material:Themoplastic elastomer,TPE

  • This is non-toxic environmental friendly yoga mat made wih non-halogen substance which does not produce chlorine or dioxin when buming.
  • Waste material can be degraded by natural oxygen decomposition and recycled.Does not create prolonging environmental impact.
  • Made from closed cell materials,soft with exceptional resilience and durablitity. Remain flat and won't buckle.
  • Solid non-slip surface minimizes slipping when perspiring during pratice. it has perfect traction when dry and wet.
  • Density <0.15,easy for travel, exceptionally light weight.
  • Water resistance, non-cracking and endure the cold.










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